Where to Find Antique Art for Sale


Where to find antique art for sale? Start at European Art Underground!

Many people would love to find a beautiful and affordable piece of antique art for sale. But with thousands of art dealers splashing advertisements over their galleries and the internet, where do you start? Here are some tips on where and how to choose a fine, genuine painting at an affordable price.

The Value of Antique Art

Antique art is art from a bygone era, art that has gained value through the long history it carries. The antique art market is a treasure trove for the art collector seeking a steal price or simply a masterful piece of wall art. Many talented painters’ names have been obscured by history, but their art is still prized by collectors in the know. And many more unknown artists painted painstaking and beautiful works that nevertheless sell cheaply.

One plus side of buying an antique is that the artist isn’t around, eating and paying rent, charging extra money to carry on their life. The tarnished side of that coin is that the artist isn’t around to confirm that the signature on the painting is indeed their own. Antiques are enticingly easy to fake. So, though older and more obscure paintings can be the hidden gems you want to find and buy, they’re also much more likely to be mere cut glass. That means you need to know how to check if a piece of art is genuine – or find a dealer you can trust.

Where to Find Antique Art for Sale in Europe

If you’re American, you may be tempted to start close to home in your search for antique art. However, browsing the European art market will likely land you a better painting. After all, European artists were toiling away at canvasses for hundreds of years before the United States existed. That means a higher supply of older paintings. In America, a three-hundred-year-old painting predates the nation’s founding; in Europe it’s fairly young.

If you’re an American art buyer wishing to purchase European art, you probably can’t go to France or Italy and browse galleries yourself. That means you must buy through a reliable importer of European art. You can find such dealers in galleries or on the internet.

Antique Art in Galleries

The traditional way of shopping for art is to browse the walls of an art gallery. And you can occasionally find a decent prices on a painting in a gallery. However, galleries’ high overhead prices create the problem of a living artist all over again – they have to charge you extra to maintain their building. Also, mainstream galleries are less likely to sell out-of-the-way but valuable art.

Antique Art Online

Nowadays, a simple Google search for “antique art for sale” turns up hundreds of online listings. Searching online is the best way to look for antique art for sale – much easier than trudging through galleries, and you can pick up undervalued pieces.

However, the reward comes with risk. The internet makes it all too easy for forgers of signatures and mass-producers of very new ‘antique art’. All they have to do is doctor a painting and toss it onto a site like eBay.

So if you want to find antique art for sale, don’t settle for the first mainstream auction site the algorithm hands you. Find an art dealer who knows the tricks of the trade – but isn’t out to trick you. A great source is europeanartunderground.com. We have decades of experience in art buying and selling, and we cover every purchase with our 125% guarantee.

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