Small Antique Oil Paintings for Sale: Decorating Tips


A small antique painting for sale at European Art Underground

Perhaps you’re looking for small antique oil paintings for sale because you need to fill a tight space. Liking an oil painting can be about more than just enjoying the intricate detail in a landscape or intriguing expression on a portrait. The painting may have to nestle comfortably above a dresser or shelf. For that purpose, a small antique painting is much more accommodating than a canvas that’s several thousands of dollars and the size of a dining room table.

Here are some tips that will help you grace the smallest space with a fine antique oil painting.

Where to Hang Your Painting

First of all, make sure your oil painting is fitted into a space its own size, rather than sitting like an isolated island in the middle of an empty sea of wall. If you have a large stretch of wallpaper or white paint to work with, you may want to take another look at that dining room table-sized painting.

A great place to fit in a small antique painting is a kitchen or bathroom. It can squeeze into the limited wall space and add a touch of history to the room.

Or maybe you have a shelf or mantelpiece that’s begging for a piece of art. You could simply lean a painting on the shelf for a more casual look.

Pairing Antique Oil Paintings

Antique oil paintings span all subjects, from seascapes to still lifes to vivid portraits of long-gone people. Though you may immediately think of drab olive tones, plenty of antique oils are lively and full of subtle color. Search for one that harmonizes with your tastes as well as with the other art and furniture that will surround it.

If you’re fitting multiple paintings together on a larger wall, a small oil painting is a great puzzle piece to complete the grouping. An antique piece can even stand out as a fresh contrast next to modern abstract paintings.

Finding the Perfect Small Antique Oil Painting for Sale

In the end, the most important element is the painting itself. Small may mean more affordable, but it doesn’t require a sacrifice in quality. Finding a small antique oil painting for sale is the same as buying any other antique painting.

First of all, your best bet is to look online. There you can find paintings of every subject imaginable from all around the world. Plus you won’t have to pay the extra cost galleries tack on to maintain themselves. Factoring in the small size of the painting and the possibility of picking it from the vast sea of European antique art, you can find a beautiful painting at a great deal.

And secondly, the world of online antiques is a forger’s playground. Make sure this finishing touch to your interior decorating is a genuine piece of art as well as being the perfect fit for your space. That means buying from a dealer more reliable than the first search result on Ebay. For example, our antique oil paintings for sale at are chosen with decades of experience and secured with a 125% guarantee for returns.

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