Original Antique Oil Paintings for Sale: Don’t Get Duped

Looking for original antique oil paintings for sale? Here’s how to ensure that eye-catching artwork truly is original, and that you’re getting it at the best price.}

Finding original antique oil paintings for sale might seem an easy task, what with the profusion of antiques on gallery walls and webpages. However, if you want to ensure that you’re buying an original painting at the best price, watch out for these pitfalls.

Not So Original Antique Oil Paintings For Sale

For hundreds of years, European artists have been turning out fine landscapes and portraits in oil. So if you want a bargain, you won’t be searching among the illustrious painters. Rather, you’ll purchase a no-less masterful painting by an artist that happens not to have achieved fame.

The drawback of this strategy is the same as its strength. No one is familiar with the names and works of these artists. Thus, if a company decides to factory-reproduce 100 copies of a beautiful little landscape by some obscure Romanian painter, then sell each as an original, no one is the wiser.

Forgery in general is easy with antiques and easiest with these lesser-known bargains. Just age the canvas, apply old paints, add some fake cracks, sign and release a new ‘antique’ into the teaming market. We’ve run a series of articles on steps you can take to check your paintings from top to bottom for signs of authenticity.

However, a skilled enough forger might know these tricks. Therefore, if you’re on the hunt for truly original antique oil paintings for sale, you’ll need to find a trustworthy art dealer. They’ll have been in the business long enough to be able to sniff out the fakes. Otherwise, as you look at the portrait hanging over the fireplace and wish you could watch its painter spend painstaking hours of his life to create it, you may be inadvertently wishing for a glimpse into a very modern factory or the studio of a forger.

Finding the Best Price

It’s quite possible to purchase an intricate oil painting at a stunningly low price. Perhaps standards were simply higher back then for the average and average-priced artist. Either way, it’s certain that these long-dead men and women no longer need extra cash to feed, clothe and house them. So by looking for an antique painting, especially one from Europe, you’re already on the path to a bargain.

If you want to cut your price even further, you’ll avoid another source of extra costs — brick-and-mortar galleries. A gallery can devours almost as much money in rent, lighting, repairs and property taxes as a still-living artist. And the gallery will transfer those costs just where the artist would — to you, the delighted buyer of its inventory. Thankfully, as the current pandemic has made us realize, many in-person activities can be completed even more quickly and conveniently online, gallery browsing included.

The online market, of course, is even less vetted than the physical one. So it’s even more paramount to buy not from the first hawker of antiques on Ebay. You need a reliable dealer. At europeanartunderground.com, we bring years of experience to bear on finding you the best deals in European paintings. Plus, if your original and inexpensive artwork still doesn’t satisfy you, your purchase is covered by our unparalleled 125% return guarantee.

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