Landscape Oil Paintings for Sale — Three Places to Find Them

If you want to find authentic landscape oil paintings for sale, where’s the best place to look? Here are pros and cons of three possible sources.

Brick-and-Mortar Galleries

Until recently, the only way to purchase art was to walk into a physical gallery or auction house. Art galleries are still the first place most people would think of when wanting to buy art. You experience the full atmosphere of shopping for art. You can see your prospective purchases in person. And, the paintings are more carefully quality-controlled than in the wide-open internet market.

However, galleries account for their high overhead expenses in the price tags on their art. So you’ll be paying for rent and electricity along with canvas and frame. And a gallery tied to the restrictions of space, time and rent will necessarily offer a narrower selection of art, especially if you’re looking specifically for a landscape oil. If you want to devote hours to driving leisurely from building to building looking for the perfect panorama of hills or mountains to fill a space on your wall, you may prefer shopping on foot. Otherwise, it’s easier to let a search algorithm hunt across the entire world for you.

Online Auction Sites

A Google search for landscapes will likely turn up paintings on sites like Ebay and Etsy. The advantage of these sites, beyond the convenience of online shopping in general, is that you can find hundreds of cheap pieces of art matching any description. And, what with centuries of talented yet overlooked artists painting away, some of these are bound to be diamonds in the rough.

That said, there is a lot of rough out there. And much of it shows convincingly diamond-like sparkles. Forgers and hucksters abound. So if you’re looking for a painting with value in one of these sites with very low requirements for their sellers — and especially if you’re venturing into the international market, which offers the best prices for antique oils — you’ll need years of practice distinguishing the truly valuable art. Or, you can buy from a dealer who has put in those years already.

Best of Both Worlds: Online Galleries

Browsing landscape oil paintings for sale in an online gallery combines the convenience of internet auction sites with the quality of an established gallery. You likely won’t be able to see the paintings in person. You’ll have to pay a bit more than if you had sourced them yourself in the jungles of Ebay — though there’s no need to help the proprietor cover their bills and property taxes. Nevertheless, you can easily access a wide range of paintings, culled from the wider market by an expert. And they’ll be offered at prices much lower than if you’d bought them in a brick-and-mortar gallery run by the same dealer.

One such gallery is We currently carry landscapes ranging from traditional countryside scenes to a bold Impressionist hillside. And our more than a decade of experience goes to finding such undervalued paintings from dealers all over the world, and selling them to you at reasonable prices. What if your purchase doesn’t fit in with your current decor as well as expected? We’ll take it back under our 125% return guarantee.

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