Antique Oil Paintings for Sale

There are antique oil paintings for sale across the world, not to mention the internet. As an art buyer, where do you start and how do you identify a great deal? Here are three pointers.

Beware of Fake Antique Oil Paintings for Sale

The danger (and the beauty) of antique oil paintings for sale is that hundreds of years may separate the painter’s final stroke of wet paint and a customer picking up their artwork. There’s no way to contact the painter and verify that the purported masterpiece isn’t a clever forgery.

Forging a painting can be as simple as signing a more respected signature on a pretty painting by some unknown and unvalued artist. Or hiring a factory full of people to paint copies of a valuable but not immediately recognizable piece of art. Human nature being what it is, these forgeries abound. It takes a good eye and artistic expertise to tell genuine from fake.

The more reputable the art dealer, the more likely they have that expertise as well as the honesty to sell original work. That means you’re a lot likelier to be scammed on a site like eBay. Anyone can post an auction for a doctored painting in fifteen minutes. Then they sit back and watch unwary customers take the bait.

Browse European Art

Compared to America’s paltry 200-odd years of existence, Europe has a rich history of oil painting from the 15th century on – an extra three centuries of artists working away at their canvasses, and hundreds of obscure but talented painters turning out art of great value. Just like European castles and monuments, European paintings are abundant. And European oil paintings sell for much less – to them, a 400-year-old painting, older than the entire nation of America, is nothing special.

Consider Buying Online

The internet is the best and sometimes the only place to find these antique oil paintings for sale. Online you can view works by the greatest masters and hunt for lesser-known gems without ever leaving home. And you can find all of it more cheaply.
Even with all these advantages to online shopping, many hold back because of nervousness about the aforementioned crooks and hucksters. And if you’re buying on eBay, you’re right to be wary. But you don’t have to worry if you buy from a website such as, where the art is backed by years of experience and our 125% guarantee.

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